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8K RED EPIC-W & EPIC-MX Cameras available in Tampa,Orlando,Sarasota,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona from CMR Studios, Florida Digital Cinema Florida,RED Camera Rental,Digtal Cinema Video Production & Post in Tampa at CMR Studios
CMR Studios is the ony facility in Tampa, Fl with both 8K RED EPIC-W & EPIC-MX cameras Home Page of Digital Cinema Florida RED Ultra HD Digital Video Production services at Digital Cinema Florida, Tampa Florida 8K RED EPIC-Weapon & EPIC-MX Camera & support equipment available for rental and production in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona at Digital Cinema Florida Samples of Ultra High Definition video shot on the RED ONE & EPIC cameras by Digital Cinema Florida, Tampa Find out more about Florida RED EPIC & RED ONE camera, Production,Post & rental from Digital Cinema Florida in Tampa,Orlando,Sarasota,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona Contact Digital Cinema Florida about RED camera rental,video production quotes, or a demo in Tampa,Orlando,Sarasota,Miami,Jacksonville or Daytona.
Digital Cinema Florida offers RED camera rental,production & post
RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera On-Location with CMR Studios Tampa, FloridaRED ONE Digital Cinema Camera Video Samples with CMR Studios Tampa, FloridaRED ONE Camera DIT Information with CMR Studios Tampa, FloridaInformation about RED camera rental,shooting,production & post in Florida|Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona

We now have two RED EPIC cameras, the 8K EPIC-W & 5K EPIC-MX available for rental and production from Digital Cinema Florida, Tampa.

Since 2008 we have been providing RED camera rentals and DIT services. We have developed a solid reputation for reliable gear and experienced staff.

The 8K RED EPIC-W with the Helium sensor and 5K RED EPIC-MX Digital Cinema cameras are available for your next Florida production. With every camera rental you get an experienced DIT for camera setup, technical assistance and on-set file management. The RED cameras are available for shooting in Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona and nationally. We also have a fully staffed post facility, with experience using the RED workflow since it was introduced in 2008. We can give you advice and help on your project from pre-production through shooting, post and delivery.

See what you'll see with the RED EPIC Cameras

We have shot indie films, national TV spots, product demos, green screen special effects shots and even web video. You can watch our video samples to see the quality of the footage we have SHOT ON RED. Our On Location Gallery and Facebook page show the wide variety of locations and productions we have shot beginning with the RED ONE and now the EPIC cameras and DIT services by Digital Cinema Florida.

A Big 8K Image Makes The Big Difference

The Helium sensor is just gorgeous—the dynamic range is fantastic. The 8K sensor actually makes your job easier. Because in post, you can resize, reframe and stabilize shots without sacrificing resolution. So, the extreme resolution gives you the ability to do more with your footage in production without having to reshoot. When your final edited project is in HD or even UHD sometimes your master shot can be the only shot you need.

Shoot R3D and ProRes or DNxHR/HD Simultaneously

FCPX and Adobe Premiere can handle the 8K R3D RED RAW files natively. But you can also shoot up to 4K ProRes HQ or Avid DNxHR/HD files at the same time, or exclusively. It's all done in-camera.

Call to Rent a 8K RED EPIC-W and 5K RED EPIC-MX or to Produce in Ultra HD with the RED cameras

We are ready to help you use the EPIC cameras on your next video production, commercial or indie film. Feel free to send us your questions, schedule a demo of the camera systems, or request a project quote. Call us toll-free at 800.366.1926 or Email Us